Designed for you. Your kitchen, your style

We offer wooden knife holders that are more than just storage. Our knife holders focus on design and function so you can bring your personality into your kitchen. They protect knives from unnecessary wear and tear while presenting them in an attractive way. Choose your shape, the woods you want and set them up in a pattern that suits you!

The knife holder is self-adhesive which means that they are attached with pre-mounted, strong double-sided tape. Therefore, anyone can put them up! 

We also have products for kitchens where our HEX bowl is the first.

All our products are designed, produced and packed in Sweden. 

How our PRODUCTS were born

One day, while browsing through my sketchbook, I found a chest of drawers I had designed a long time ago with hexagons on it. At the same time, I had made a walnut knife rack for our kitchen at home, but I hadn't hung it up because it didn't feel quite right. When I saw the hexagons, I thought that a knife strip doesn't have to be straight and bland at all, but the opposite! It could be stylishly playful and express personality while still meeting the need for functionality. At that moment, my puzzle bar was born HEXA. You can shape it exactly as you wish!

Fair wooden knife holder and knife edge

Fairs & Events 2023

This spring you will find me at the à la london superdesign market on 25-26 February..
Where: Östra hamngatan 23, Brunnsparken


Ola Särén Design was founded in 2018 by Ola and Maria Särén. The dream of carpentry has been with Ola since school age and he has a very special relationship with wood. Wood also seems to like him as well, and they understand each other. He also likes to sketch ideas, and does it a lot, on a lot. There's paper mostly everywhere. Maria is also creative, but perhaps in a more orderly way, as her best friend is excel and her mac.

Together we are a great team!  


Ola Särén Design AB started in a 25 m2 cottage at home on the plot in Onsala. Here everything was made, from prototype to finished product! Today we have grown and we have a premises in Kungsbacka of about 100m2.  

Even though we don't use the fall house as a carpentry workshop anymore, it will probably always be called the "Carpenter's House" here at home. We love the light, the windows facing the meadow and the birch plywood walls. It was a great place to start a business.


HEXA in Studio Kitchen

We were asked to include HEXA in a studio kitchen at Infinity Studio in Stockholm. Of course we accepted and look at the amazing material we got on our products! I never get tired of seeing how creative you can be with my products. It's amazing to experience!