What materials are the products made of?

Our products are made of solid wood or chromed walnut and treated with hard wax oil containing only natural, vegetable oils approved for food contact.

CIRKA is also available in Valchromat, a durable material made of wood fibres in fine colours. 

The magnet in our knife holders is Neodymium type, which is a powerful quality magnet that ensures that your knives do not fall down.

How to take care of our products?

Keep knife holders clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth, and you'll keep them nice and fresh for a long time. Also, make sure your knife is clean and dry before hanging it up - this will prevent stains. Wood is affected and as we don't want to treat our products with toxic substances (for you or the environment), they won't tolerate water either. 

If you bought a bowl or cutting board: wash by hand, not in the machine. When wood is machine washed, water is forced into it which will eventually make it spongy and spongy. 

Where are our products produced?

All our products are produced in Sweden and they are surface treated, branded and shipped by us. 

The wood oak and ash are Scandinavian while the walnut comes from the USA as it is only there. The Valchromat is European.

Which knives work on our knife holders?

We make magnetic knife holders and therefore it works with knives made of metal that are magnetic. They do not work on ceramic knives.

It is possible to hang one knife per holder (plate). 

How do you set up your knife holders?

Our knife holders are set up using a pre-assembled strong, duct tape. Make sure the surface is cleaned of grease and dirt using a damp cloth and a little detergent. They attach to tile, wallpaper, glass and painted surfaces. Our tape is a soft tape that makes the knife holder ring fit like a rock! 

Can we move our knife holders?

Well then1 You can take down your knife holders using a wire that you "saw" between the wall and the knife holder. That way you can get it down easily and then replace your tape. You can then rub off the tape that is left on the wall and on the holder. If you would like to order new tape from us, please get in touch. See contact details or get in touch directly HERE.