Do you need a custom-made piece of furniture, signage, furnishings or even kitchen doors? 

I am a fine carpenter who has a carpentry workshop in Kungsbacka outside Gothenburg and I love to build what you want. I combine old and new construction techniques for rational and sustainable building. 

My carpentry does:

  • The whole chain; from design to production and installation
  • Design and drawing in both 2D and 3D according to ISO standards. This is for building permits, if you wish to produce with another carpenter / ask for a quote. 
Signs carpentry sign

Examples of products:

  • Custom-made furniture such as tables, doors, shelves, hallway furniture, seating, etc.
  • Wooden signs
  • Kitchen doors
  • Building conservation
  • Joy of carpentry 

Materials I work in:

  • Solid wood; oak, walnut, ash, pine, etc.
  • Board material
  • Plywood
  • KL wood
  • MDF
  • Compact laminate