CIRKA Knife Holder

  • CIRKA knife holder

    CIRKA – Mix yourself

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Do you want to mix and match wood types freely in your package CIRKA? We understand!

That's why we've created Mix yourself so you can choose whatever you want. 

CIRKA is knife storage that you can shape exactly as you wish! It's a knife holder with round, soft shapes that combine design with functionality. A circle can be playful but also undulating and stylish. You can choose CIRKA in walnut, ash and oak woods in different treatments, or why not stronger colours in walnut chrome? It will look just as good whether you choose to mix wood types as if you choose to have them all the same.
The question is - are you playful or softly stylish? 

CIRKA Knife Holder

Do you have nice knives you want to store and present in a stylish way? Then CIRKA is perfect. It fits one knife per holder and the reason is that you don't risk letting the knife edges bump into each other, which then protects them from unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, the holder can be used in any direction and each knife has its place.
Remember to set up dry, clean knives to keep your CIRKA fresh for a long time. 


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CIRKA magnetic knife strip mint green