HEXA Ash Nature

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Hexa knife holder in solid ash, uncoloured.

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You choose your own pattern with HEXA, there is no up, down or right and wrong. The HEXA knife rack in box is meant to fit you in your kitchen.

HEXA magnetic knife rack in box is attached without making a hole in the wall. Instead, they are attached with a super-strong double-sided adhesive tape which is pre-installed upon purchase so that anyone can set up their HEXA at home.


HEXA is made of solid wood and treated with hard wax oil containing only natural vegetable oils approved for food contact.

The magnet in the HEXA is Neodymium type, which is a powerful quality magnet that ensures that your knives do not fall down.

Dimensions: 110*10 mm


Keeps clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth. To keep your HEXA knife holder neat and tidy, make sure the knife is clean and dry before hanging it up.

Where are HEXA ash knife racks produced?

All our products are produced in Sweden and they are surface treated, branded and shipped by us personally to ensure quality and matching of wood. Wood varies between batches and therefore we make sure that each package is selected with care.

The wood oak and ash are Scandinavian while the walnut comes from the USA as it is only there. The Valchromat is European.

Which knives does HEXA knife rack in box fit?

HEXA knife rack in box is a magnetic knife holder and therefore works on knives made of metal that are magnetic. They do not work on ceramic knives.

It is possible to hang one knife per HEXA

Installation instructions

HEXA knife rack in box is set up using a pre-mounted strong, duct tape and make sure the surface is cleaned from grease and dirt. They attach to tile, wallpaper, glass and painted surfaces.

Take down your HEXA knife racks in box

Are you moving out? You can take down your knife holders using a wire that you "saw" between the wall and the knife holder. This way you get it down easily and can replace your tape. If you want to order new tape from us, you can get in touch. See contact details or get in touch directly HERE.

Further information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 11 cm

1-piece, 3-pack, 4-pack, 5-pack


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