Designer / Wood worker

Ola is the creator of Ola Särén design. He is born a wood worker but also loves to surf, write to-do-lists and cook. His favorite movie is  “Mr Magorium’s wonder emporium” and just like Mr Magorium, Ola wears the same pair of shoes all year around from the brand sanuk. This despite the fact we are living in sweden. 



Webb designer

Maria is taking care of this webb page and social media. She is a sounding board for Ola and take cares of stuff in the box, so Ola can go out of the box. She doesn’t have a favourite movie since she can’t watch the same thing twice. But she likes bubbles, turquoise and cold showers. 



Test pilot 

Ask is a freelancer and our test pilot. His life is all about helicopters and airplanes. He loves watching Chuck Aaron on Youtube, he says that Chuck inspires him.  



Master trouble shooter for the fax machine

Frank is always with Ola in the workshop for company as well as a creative thinker. He is aslo responsible for the fax machine, we havn’t been able to tell him yet that we no longer use a fax machine. 

Frank doens’t have an email, he has no idea of what that is.